How to manage snag list easily on your site?

May 23, 2017 | Education

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For years property and construction management and in particular ‘snagging’ or defect management has been a tedious task. Traditionally using a paper-based process has been used with printed drawings where snags are highlighted one-by-one on paper with handwritten notes. At the end of the day, all data has to be tranfered to a computer and then passed to the right stakeholders, subcontractors or trade contractors. This is a time-consuming operation with many inherent risks (poor quality control, unreadable notes, papers becoming lost, errors, inaccuracies, omissions and so on…)

We ask, are you still doing these ‘snagging’ tasks manually to improve your quality control today ?

As explained in the Designing Buildings Wiki, ‘snagging’ does not have a universally agreed meaning. It is a non-contractual term but a slang expression widely used in the UK construction arena to define a site inspection process necessary to compile a list of defects (usually minor) or omissions in building works for a contractor, subcontractor or trade contractor, to rectify. It may also highlight or link to other issues or non-conformances encountered during the process.

Are you managing your snagging or defect management tasks easily on site?

There really is no longer any need for analogue, manual operations as the technology is here to help many construction professionals in the field, through the use of construction management software and use of a mobile snagging app.

Made to answer needs of multiple construction and real estate professionals from project clients and property developers through to construction managers, project managers, architects, engineers, interior designers, subcontractors and more, BatiScript construction management software and mobile snagging app simplifies task management, including checklists, issues and snagging.

Beyond snag list management, the Site Snag construction management solution by Script&Go meets many property and construction management needs. It includes the following features : (electronic document management system (EDMS), delivery module (handover and warranties), compliance module, checklist module, defect management module, issue (nonconformance) module, report module).

Using a tablet, you can start creating a ‘snagging’ checklist in just a few minutes. When you create a snag or defect observation  or raise an issue or non-conformance, each contributor receives the information on his tablet through data synchronisation (via the cloud). You can also assign defect, issue or non-conformance resolution tasks to a particular stakeholder, such as a subcontractor, and track the task progress.

Site Snag productivity benefits

With its ergonomic interface, the handling of this user-friendly software is really intuitive.

With Site Snag construction management software and mobile app installedon a smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows), the resolution of snags/defects, nonconformances and other issues is faster.

From a survey carried out in 2017, Script&Go recognises that between 30% – 40% of snagging or defect management time can be saved, to increase productivity.

Site Snag tutorial video

Discover the Site Snag “Defect Management” module further in this tutorial video

How can you test Site Snag by Script&Go?

We offer a free trial so you can fully test BatiScript. To discuss your real estate or construction snagging needs further with our UK team, get in touch with our UK Country Manager or simply start your 30-day free trial right away.

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