Improving the new home warranty process

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Since 2011, Script&Go has been helping Home Builders manage snags and deliver quality homes with our Site Snag software.

Recently we noticed how tedious it can be for our clients to deal with complaints about defects in the homes they just delivered. Some complaints arrive by email, others by phone or mail, in a format that is difficult to process and forward to the relevant operations managers.

If you are familiar with this situation, we have built an extension to Site Snag for you. This is called Site Warranty. It allows your customers to declare a defect through a simple online form. You are then notified, and the defect is directly created in the Site Snag’s Delivery/Warranty module.

The objective of Site Warranty is to integrate the entire chain of quality management for house building and maintenance in a single tool.

Accompany your customers in the warranty phase

For two years following the delivery of the home, the defects noted by the final customer must be reported to the seller through a registered letter of formal notice with acknowledgement of receipt (accompanied by a photo, if possible). The Home Builder must then assert the legal obligation of the builder to take responsibility for repairs.

This procedure is not easy for buyers and difficult to handle for Home Builders.

Without completely replacing the letter of formal notice and its receipt, Script&Go now offers you a way to guide your customers through reporting a defect in a way that is fast and effective at transmitting the information to operational teams.

The Site Warranty platform is used to report problems once the house has been delivered. Making it possible to report any hidden defects on equipment within the two-year timeframe after delivery and within ten years for defects that would make the home unfit for use.

Enrich your offer and the quality of your after-sales service

The application allows you to improve your value proposition around after-sale services available to your customer. In practice when filling out the delivery form with your customer automatic access is granted to the Site Warranty platform. Thanks to a unique login and password your customer will be able to access the service by following a link.

The web application is accessible from any operating system and compatible with all web browsers. It is possible to access it from a range of devices including a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

In addition to visualizing the status of defects and facilitating the reporting process Site Warranty also provides informative content about guarantees enjoyed by your customer and their expiration date.

Your customers will be able to access their delivery and handover report from the internet for all products and services purchased from you.

Access can also be given to the after-sales and accounting department to transmit information allowing staff to better interact with the customers with the option to integrate Site Snag data into your ERP.

Streamline quality management from A to Z

The main goal of this extension is to standardise the processing of complaints, by integrating them with the tool used by your operational teams: the Site Snag site monitoring software.

The standard process will involve filling out a form that will be available and stored online for record-keeping.  An added benefit is the form filled out by homeowners can be customised to project specifics with key elements pre-filled to make the process easier and faster.

An additional benefit is the ability to locate the defect on the floor plan of the house, attach one or more photos, indicate the date when the defect was discovered and add comments. Allowing for more comprehensive feedback and record keeping.

Only designated company personnel will receive notifications when a defect is reported. Staff members can then accept or reject the remit if it falls outside their contractual limits established by law. If it is accepted, the operational teams can assign the correction to the company concerned and set a deadline directly in Site Snag’s delivery/warranties module.

If the Home Builder has Site Snag subcontractor’s license, the subcontracted company will automatically receive the defects to be corrected directly on the Site Snag mobile app.

Once the defect is corrected, the end customer validates a release form to close the process.

The simplification of these cumbersome administrative procedures after delivery saves time, expands your product offering and adds value to your business.

A solution that will evolve

Like all products developed by Script&Go, Site Warranty is designed to evolve based on our customers’ feedback and needs.

For example, we are planning to facilitate fixing a date of intervention between the company and their final customer, according to the availability of each party.

In the future, finer detail will be added with notifications being sent to the customer when a defect is accepted and assigned.

Benefits for every user

There is a clear distinction between the rights of tenants, homeowners, back-office and operational services that allow these four types of actors to benefit from this new extension.

For the property buyer Site Warranty offers an additional layer of security to the relationship with the Home Builder and online access to the delivery and handover reports. The customer is guided through a simple process to declare defects and can access the status of corrections from anywhere in the world, whether the property is being rented out or lived in!

With this tool, Home Builders benefit from seamless information sharing between after-sales and operational teams.

Easy and quick to implement, Site Warranty helps reduce claim handling costs, focus on higher value-adding tasks while growing your reputation. Issues can be handled more proactively, showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction which facilitates trust between you and your customers.

In future releases, construction companies will also have quick and easy ways to schedule their defect corrections at the earliest available time.

Let’s go further together

In addition to our range of professional software, you can create your own application from our technological bricks thanks to our bespoke development offer. You can also participate in the co-development of a new feature or an extension to Site Snag, as is the case with Site Warranty!

Co-value creation is pivotal to adapting tools to suit your needs. We would be happy to learn more about your business, share our experience and discuss how our skills can serve your needs. Quality control, audits, maintenance inspections, commissioning follow-up, field surveys: the field of possibilities is vast!

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