Site Snag

Deliver your projects defect free


Create, assign and monitor snags on your project. Raise snags and assign them to relevant parties to correct and have insights on outstanding issues

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Snagging app features

  1. Place a defect

    Position a mark on the plan to indicate the location of the defect

  2. Give it a context

    Add a photo, a sketch, a plan extract and all the information necessary for a resolution by the subcontractor concerned

  3. Follow the correction

    Visualize the progress of the defect correction thanks to the color code of the tablets but also due to the automatic notifications by email as soon as the status of a defect is changed

Share action items with the relevant parties in real-time

Lighten your mailbox and avoid mistakes.
Instead of dealing with tons of emails and multiple separate defect lists, you will have a single platform with a unique ID for each item reported that is accessible wherever you are.

Ultra-precise information

Add notes, images, plans or photos that can be time-stamped or annotated
Improve communication with the contacts assigned to the site through a feedback thread.

Clearer defect management

Easily allocate a snag to a company and/or trade

Search and isolate only the non-conformities sought with filters (by company name, by trade, etc…)

Analyze the processing of reserves with clear statistics (breakdown by company, week, etc.).

Everything you need in one tool accessible from anywhere