Site Warranty

Manage defects during the warranty phase


The home owner portal allows your customers to report a defect during the warranty phases and
to quickly transmit the information to your teams.

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How does it work?

The Home Builder gives the customer access to Site Warranty

The customer raises defects using the app

The Home Builder is instantly notified of defects via its Site
Snag app

The customer can follow the progress of their
defects online

Raise defects in a few minutes

Raise defects in a few minutes

Your customers will be able to report a defect on the application in less than 30 seconds by locating it on an interactive drawing of the property and attaching photos.

If they made a mistake, or if the problem is solved, they can cancel it.

Manage all the defects on your properties in Site Snag

No more emails, letters or phone calls to file! You simply receive a notification as soon as a customer has reported a problem. The new defects will appear automatically in the Delivery/Warranty area of Site Snag

Manage defects on your properties
Customer validates defect correction

Customer validates defect correction

Once the defect is corrected, your customer is informed by email and the status of the defect changes on Site Warranty as well as in your Site Snag app.

The customer can then make a validation to confirm that the correction is in accordance with their expectations. The status of the defect appears as validated and you are informed of the approval.

Improve the quality of your after-sales service