Script&Go accelerate their global expansion with the opening of offices in the UK

Oct 2, 2018 | Press Release

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Script&Go, the field teams’ software development specialist announced today there commitment to helping the UK construction industry with the opening of offices in Birmingham and London. With this move, the French start-up aims at better supporting the needs of the UK Construction sector, exposed to a lack of productivity and of cost-optimization, notably because of its poor digitisation.

With the whole uncertainty due to the Brexit negotiations, many companies tend to decrease their investments in the UK. Instead Script&Go have decided to increase them and set up a presence in both Birmingham and London – a significant move for this French start-up. Why so? Because, although a weak start of the year, the UK construction sector is constantly growing, with subsectors such as repair and maintenance serving a fast increase along the past years, and positive expectations for the future, Brexit or not. Despite from these trends and the fact that the UK has always been seen as the 3rd largest tech hub in the world, the techniques used in construction remain very traditional, paper-centric, and merely digitised, leading to appalling statistics such as 98% of megaprojects suffering cost overruns of more than 30 percent, 20 months of average schedule delays, and 80% of the average cost increase.

Solutions for the UK construction sector

With their solutions BatiScript (snag-free site management tool) and Site Diary (site reporting app), Script&Go could help solve a big part of the problem, as they’ve done it in France for many years. They will continue their efforts in a country where they already count big references such as the Costain Group, Alun Griffiths, or Torsion Group.

For the past two years, the company has invested in resources enabling them to accelerate their growth in the English world, with the recruitment of Khaldon Evans as their Product Manager, the appointment of a partner in charge of the North American business, and Faisal Hamid joining as the UK Country Manager. After opening the market last year, Faisal Hamid will now be heading the operations from the Birmingham office, with the support of a local team. Latest arrived, Pierre Boesinger will now be heading the company’s International operations from their London office.

With this team, the company is accelerating its international growth and preparing the worldwide release of their new platform in January 2019, and exciting new functionalities in the meantime.

UK Country Manager Faisal Hamid explains: “In the last year we have spent time going up and down the country talking to different people on site to understand their needs, pains and how they work. At Script&Go with this feedback we are developing new products and updating existing ones to meet the needs of the guys on site.”

Mr Hamid continues, “This new office in Birmingham further shows our commitment to our clients and clients of the future. We have listened and now we are acting! This is the start of an exciting phase in the UK with a new generation of products ready to go in the coming weeks and months.”

CEO & Founder Benoît Jeannin explains: “when I travel to UK, I see so many coming works, renovations so it means for us time to help companies to better collaborate together with digital solutions. It’s not only Location, location and location as my beloved Irish mother in law likes to say but location and delivery – We may help companies to better deliver their  buildings.”

Upcoming Exhibit

  • UK Construction Week
  • October 9th– 11that the NEC in Birmingham
  • Stand B06

About the company

Script&Go simplifies field teams’ daily activities in order to help them revealing their full potential. Created in France in 2011, our vision is to maximise mobility and minimise time-consuming tasks through the digitisation of data collection, data processing and data sharing, facilitated by the increasing mobile devices and internet penetration on the field.

We develop standard and bespoke software solutions for pc, tablets and smartphones. Our clients, located in 32 countries, operate in a variety of sectors: real estate, construction, telecommunication, energy, automotive and aircraft.

To learn more about Script&Go, including their range of products and services, please visit our website:,


Script&Go UK

+44 7538 999242

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