Construction Productivity Platform

Field information accessible anywhere


Making field information available in real time to all stakeholders, aiding swift decisions, collaboration and improving productivity, from the field to the office by using our mobile and web apps

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How Script & Go’s platform can benefit your project

Improve productivity

Assist your teams to collaborate, saving them time and helping them to be more productive

Decision making

Real-time field information to the office so decisions are made in a timely manner

Deliver projects effectively

More accurate data coming from the field to help deliver the project effectively

One platform

Simple apps in one platform that are inter-connected so information is shared seamlessly

  • Web app through your browser to manage the account and access all data
  • Simple mobile apps for the field teams to input data
  • All apps are interconnected to ensure data is transferred in real time
  • Apps can be used independently or collectively, and you only need to invest in what you need
Script&Go One platform

Trusted by over 1.000 companies in 13 countries worldwide

We were able to provide much tighter and comprehensive quality control observation of the contractor than we would have using paper book methods

Christopher Pletcher

Engineering Manager, Ayres Associates, United States

Our goal goes beyond reducing the processing time of defects, our goal today is to move towards zero reserves. Site Snag helps us in this process

Pascal Vaché

Director of Bretagne region, Eiffage Construction, France

Each hour of the day for each gang is accounted for. Supervisors are more aware of when they are doing additional work or when there has been a change to the works

Owain Thomas

Site Agent, Alun Griffiths Construction, United Kingdom